Fractal Designer

This is a fractal video making software with a graphical user interface (GUI), written using C++ with Qt, and FFmpeg is bundled for video encoding.

A custom language FRD is designed, which is used to describe the fractal video configuration. Custom math functions can be defined in the language, enabling the user to create their own fractal formulae and video effects in a programmable way.

This is final project for the freshman course 'Algorithm and Program Design (in C++)' (full marks), and is then further enhanced in 'Comprehensive Course Design of Computer Science' (A, highest rank).

SEU-ML-Assign LaTeX Template

This is a LaTeX template for the Southeast University Machine Learning Assignment that can be easily adapted to other usages. This template features a colorful theme that makes it look elegant and attractive.

This template (defined as the seu-ml-assign.cls class file) is available on CTAN (Comprehensive TeX Archive Network), meaning it has been included in the official TeX distribution since 2022!

Love online editing and collaboration on Overleaf? Check out the template on Overleaf!

Bionic Manipulator System Controlled by Sensor Gloves

The bionic manipulator system can be easily controlled via a sensor glove. The system consists of three modules: sensor glove module, bionic manipulator module and remote monitor module. The sensor glove module collects the information of user's finger state and gesture. After being processed, the information is sent out to the bionic manipulator module so that the bionic manipulator can move under the user's control. Moreover, an assistant device, remote monitor module can enable the user to control the manipulator remotely.

This is the winning project of 2021-2022 IEEE Circuits and Systems Society (CASS) Student Design Competition in Region 10 (Asic Pacific), and we make a live demo at the 2022 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS 2022).

ARM Lite

It is a Verilog implementation of pipelined CPU extending ARM-LEGv8 (which is pipelined with hazard detection and forwarding).

This is the course project for 'Digital Logic and Computer Architecture' of Southeast University, which gets 98 out of 100.

Yes, this website is also a project by me! The index page is modified based on React JS Resume Website Template.

Other Information

Check out my GitHub for additional open-source projects!

My favorite open-source license is the MIT License, which is permissive, as I want to make my software as accessible as possible, even for a commercial use. However, I also advocate the use of GPL, to extend the community of open-source software.

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