Dual-Mode PSK Transceiver on SDR With FPGA

Abstract: In this experiment, we implement a dual-mode PSK transceiver on SDR with FPGA, supporting both BPSK and QPSK. Moreover, the transceiver is designed to be able to switch between the two modes by introducing a packet-based communication protocol, where modulation information can be extracted from the packet header. The design is resource-efficient implemented using block diagrams with intellectual property (IP) cores and Verilog modules in Vivado. Both simulation results and experiment observations on an SDR platform verify the effectiveness of the design.

Keywords: Phase-shift keying (PSK), software-defined radio (SDR), transceiver design, modulation, demodulation, field programmable gate array (FPGA).

This is a project for Southeast University Software-Defined Radio Experiment Course (2023 Fall). Check out the GitHub repo for source code! Be sure to read the paper (course report), also shown below.

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