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Wuqiong Zhao

I'm pursing the Bachelor's Degree in Communications Engineering, currently studying at Southeast University as an honoured (number one) student at Chien-Shiung Wu College.

In my free time time, you can catch me developing open source software on GitHub. Contributing to open source communities and answering questions on Stack Exchange is fascinating!

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About me

I am the top-ranked honors student at Chien-Shiung Wu College, Southeast University (SEU). Additionally, I am an active member of the Lab of Efficient Architectures for Digital Communication and Signal Processing (LEADS) and the National Mobile Communications Research Laboratory of SEU. My expertise lies in EE, with a primary focus on baseband signal processing for wireless communications and FPGA implementation. My interests extend beyond my core field, encompassing systems and networking, as well as machine learning within the realm of CS. In addition to having published several papers, I also contribute to the academic community by serving as a reviewer and sharing knowledge as a teaching assistant. Beyond academia, I have a deep appreciation for open-source software and the collaborative spirit it fosters.

  • Location:Nanjing, China
  • Age:20
  • Study:Southeast University (SEU)
  • Name:Wuqiong Zhao (赵舞穹)


Southeast University

Bachelor in Communications EngineeringSeptember 2020 - Present

I take courses communication system, digital signal processing, machine learning, data structure, etc.


Authors: Y. You*, W. Zhao*, L. Zhang, X. You, C. Zhang.

OMPL-SBL Algorithm for Intelligent Reflecting Surface-Aided mmWave Channel Estimation

IEEE Trans. on Vehicular Technologyvol. 72, no. 11 (Nov. 2023)

Authors: W. Zhao*, Y. You*, L. Zhang, X. You, C. Zhang.

Bionic Manipulator System Controlled by Sensor Gloves

2022 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS)Student Design Competition

Authors: X. Wang, Z. Wang, X. Jiang, W. Zhao, Y. Xue, Y. Huang, J. Wu, M. Ding, C. Zhang.

*: Co-primary authors.


I am capable of several skills. Here are some.

Programming Languages
GPA (3.98/4.00)
Average Marks (94.6/100)
TOEFL (104/120)

He is willing to devote himself to research and make a difference to the world.

-- School teacher

Whenver I see him, he is always working hard. He is enthusiatic to get scientific problems right.

-- Fellow student

Get in touch.

Wuqiong Zhao is also known as Teddy van Jerry on the Internet. You can feel free to contact me.

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