Bionic Manipulator System Controlled by Sensor Gloves


The well-being of the disabled has always been a significant point in society. We proposed a bionic manipulator system that can be easily controlled via a sensor glove. The system consists of three modules: sensor glove module, bionic manipulator module and remote monitor module. The sensor glove module collects the information of user’s finger state and gesture. After being processed, the information is sent out to the bionic manipulator module so that the bionic manipulator can move under the user’s control. Moreover, an assistant device, remote monitor module can enable the user to control the manipulator remotely. The Bluetooth and WiFi transmission schemes are adopted among or within these three modules. In addition, other circuit units and devices are employed to achieve the required accuracy and efficiency. In the test, we show that the proposed system is of low cost, interactive-friendly and capable of reaching objects even beyond the range of eyesight. This will be of great convenience to the life of those who are physically challenged.

IEEE CASS Region 10 (Asia-Pacific) Competition

We are the winner of 2021-2022 IEEE Circuits and Systems Society (CASS) Student Design Competition in Region 10 (Asia Pacific)! Please check out our video!

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