Dice Simulation

Dice Simulation is a dice physical simulator, based on Qt, ReactPhysics3D and AStyle. Check out the GitHub repo for more details!

DS Script

The main contribution of Dice Simulation software is the new programming language 'DS' it introduces. This language features an easy access to dice simulation tasks with high compatibility with C++. As a matter of fact, the ds-convert module converts Dice Simulation scripts with extension .ds or .ds-cpp to standard .cpp files. Then use the ds-compile module to compile the converted cpp file with the native C++ compiler specified by the user like GCC or Clang.ds-compile can also compile DS scripts directly by calling ds-convert during its process.

A Visual Studio code window of a DS script with the developed VS Code extension is shown below.

VS Code Window of a DS Script

Cylinder Dice

Dice Simulation supports the cylinder shape! The design method is given in this GitHub Issue comment.

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